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D.C. Bets Big on Common Core

D.C. Bets Big on Common Core. I’ve called this the “Common Core of Ignorance” elsewhere on my blog. Diversity and variation are essential to the welfare of any system — ecological, social, and, yes, educational. Without variation systems crumble. We’re … Continue reading

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Standardized Boycott

An Interview with Cynthia Copeland This is a great interview with Cynthia Copeland, parent and educator.

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Learning, Testing, and the Messes We’ve Created

Gregory Bateson used to write metalogs that explored the “muddles” we create for ourselves. These metalogs were written as conversations between father and daughter. They examined the nature of a variety of issues involved in the way we understand the … Continue reading

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Researchers at the American Educational Research Association Protest Arnie Duncan and the Corporatization of Education in the U.S.

Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan was invited by the AERA leadership to address the conference attendees. This action was met with protests from the AERA membership.

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