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Living In Layers – Part VIII – VIII – Relating to the Other: Clashing Beliefs and Cultures

Our pursuit of power and control, our boundedness, and our layered selves and social structures all contribute to the way we relate to others. We allow contact with select individuals and keep others at a distance. Depending upon the permeability … Continue reading

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“A Fake Society of the 21st Century” – A Must-Watch Video

FROM: Neuronas Activas January 8 at 8:09am · “WELCOME TO 2018: A FAKE SOCIETY OF THE 21 CENTURY” Welcome to 2018: A Fake Society of the 21st Century (You will have to click the above link to see the video. … Continue reading

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Cell Phones in Classrooms

The following post (video… but I don’t know why it is a video) popped up on Facebook this morning. To me it is a troublesome video. The topic isn’t troublesome, but the intent of the post is troublesome. It perpetuates … Continue reading

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