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Living in Layers – Part 11 – A Sense of Place: Beyond a Whole and Its Parts

As we move towards more holarchically-based views of self, schools, and society, where courage, compassion, and intellect, as well as trust in emergence and ownership by participants are valued, we can develop a sense of place. Such a sense of … Continue reading

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Living In Layers – Part 10 – Emergence and Ownership

As we develop the courage to relate to others and to our intellectual worlds, we begin developing a sense of trust in allowing ourselves and our social activities to emerge. Giving up some of our perceived need to control our … Continue reading

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The New Koch School

This blog entry is in reaction to the following Miami Herald news story: “Koch family to open a new kind of private school: No teachers, no homework, no grades”. Although I like many of the ideas here, I have a … Continue reading

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