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NPR & Diarrhea “News”

I listen to NPR, because I can tune it in easily on my car radio. And, I seem to be forever hopeful that it will surprise me with good news coverage and analysis. But, I am almost always disappointed. Today, … Continue reading

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Schools, Prisons, and Workplaces

(original image post by David Wolfe) I re-posted this on Facebook a year ago, but it needs to be reposted. We also can add a third column: most corporate workplaces. There are exceptions to schools and workplaces, but the tendency … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life … Terrorism and Bigotry

It’s a fairly typical day for people to get up and get ready for work, get the kids ready for school, eat breakfast, then rush out of the house. Maybe after you drop the kids off at school, you have … Continue reading

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Solidification, Policy, and Fear

For a number of years, I helped run a small satellite organization of a much larger international one. It was a place where people could gather and learn something about themselves within a nice social context. The number of people … Continue reading

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