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As ecosystems are stressed and careen towards collapse… As the world population increases beyond the limits of capacity… As communities split apart and are consumed by fear and hatred… As nations come apart at the seams or barely hang on … Continue reading

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Standards, Political Rhetoric, and Underestimating Children

Embedded in the discourse of the Common Core and pretty much all of the political and corporate discussion of education is a negative view of children (teachers, too, but that’s a separate discussion). In fact, our entire institution of schooling … Continue reading

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More Shootings and We Still Haven’t Learned

Yet another school shooting today, and this time young children, as well as adults. Of course, we still think everyone should have guns, even though the 2nd Amendment was not intended to allow guns in everyone’s homes, but rather for … Continue reading

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The Travesty of “Distance Education”

If you watch television, browse the internet, read magazines and newspapers, listen to the radio, or read bulletin boards and billboards, you’ve been bombarded with advertisements about distance education degrees, like those listed below: “Earn an Distance Degree In 5 … Continue reading

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Disconnects – A Brief Initial Exploration

The initial question I posed on my previous post (What is the extent of the disconnects we experience today?) is almost overwhelming. Each of us, if we sit and think about it, can come up with a huge list of … Continue reading

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