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My Banned Word List for Teacher Education OR Questioning our Assumptions About Learning, Teaching, and Schooling

| November 27, 2010

Since 2009, I have been “banning” the use of certain words in my classroom. I’ve come to this point because of my intense irritation when I hear them used. I’m irritated because these words carry an incredible amount of baggage loaded with faulty assumptions and meanings that are rooted in problematic theoretical and philosophical frameworks. […]

More on Hierarchies and Holarchies

| November 7, 2010

Layered systems are supposed to create stability. However, most hierarchies in the social realm seem to create instability. Those at the top are faced with struggles to maintain stability, while those at the bottom feel disconnected and marginalized. As a hierarchical nation, the bottom layers of American society — the homeless and impoverished — are […]